All-in-One, next gen DeFi token.

7% Rewards + Utility

Project LEO aims to maximize token holder value – slowly, securely and in a sustainable way. While you daily earn BNB’s by simply holding $LEOTOKEN, we bring you a novel NFT market place that serves B2B, B2C, Independent artists and a launchpad. The taxes from these adds automatically to Liquidity and BNB reward pool increasing the token holder value.



Daily BNB rewards

6% of every transaction goes to the BNB reward pool for daily rewards, 1% of every transaction is again re-distributed. We have fine tuned the protocol to avoid BNB pool depletion, whale handling to protect our token holder value.

Earn $BNB's

6% of every transaction is added to the BNB reward pool for $LEOTOKEN holders to claim their daily % rewards.

Inbuilt Anti-Whale Mechanism

Transactions > 1% of supply will be rejected. Transfers between two wallets > 1% of supply will be charged 2BNB’s which adds to BNB Pool.

Automatic liquidity pool

5% of every transaction contributes to liquidity on Pancake Swap. So $LEOTOKEN always has value.

Built for the Community

$LEOTOKEN is safe, secure and stable, our protocol has anti whale and anti bot features. Liquidity and team tokens will be locked.

RFI Static Rewards

1% of every transaction is re-distributed to all $LEOTOKEN holders. The burn address is also a holder thus helps to deflate the supply.

Highly Secured

LEOTOKEN smart contract will go through multiple audits, 1) an outside techie for general audit 2) a private auditor for overall certification and transparency.


NFT marketplace

One of a kind NFT marketplace that is powered by $LEOTOKEN for B2B, B2C with Multi-Vendor / Single-Vendor Support. Focused on selling services , digital paintings, tweets, sports collections or any other collections digitally, revenues are distributed token holders via BNB pool, RFI Static rewards.



LoyalNFT’s focuses on NFT platform for B2B, digitizing services such as insurance, Trainings, one-one’s, coupons, and any other assets tagging them to digital equivalents. Launch Q3.




Variousartists NFT is built around individuals – Buy, Sell & Re-Sell services, digital paintings, tweets, sports collections, Celebrity collections or any other collections digitally. Launch Q3.




50% of sales proceeds directly contribute to reward pool, 25% of sales proceed to continuous contributors who directly contributed to a project.


Token holders will have direct access to new projects, they can run their own charity projects with consensus from other holders.


As we reach higher market caps and as transactions launchpad will start contributing to BNB reward pool compensating/ adding more value to BNB reward pool.

More to come as we design and code our launchpad.


LEO Launchpad

The Leo Launchpad is a set of technologies, techniques, interfaces, know-how and partnerships in the crypto market. The resulting platform allows Leo holders to invest, contribute and promote the tokenized apps and services.

Token holders if choose to can be an investor in the project a “continuous contributor”. 25% of sales proceeds go directly to continuous contributors.


Please check out our Repo and feel free to join our Telegram if you have any further questions!

Are you audited / KYC'ed?

The plan is complete the audit and KYC before launch. We have completed the audit on previous contract due to relaunch we are going through audit one more time.Work in progress.

Where do you buy $LEOTOKEN?

We are launching on PancakeSwap. Liquidity will be locked by Unicrypt for 1 year. 5% of transaction fees gets added to our liquidity pool, which is locked forever, so your $LEOTOKEN will always have value.

When can I claim my BNB?

The collection time is every 24 hours, however, if you sell all your $LEOTOKEN and buy back in, your collection date will be pushed years out into the future. This is not a bug, it’s a feature that helps prevent scalping.

How many BNB can I claim?

You can claim the amount of the BNB based on the ratio of $LEOTOKEN you hold and the total BNB pool. For example, you hold 1% of $LEOTOKEN, you can withdraw 1% of the BNB reward pool.

What is the BNB pool?

6% of every transaction is taken and allocated to the BNB pool for all $LEOTOKEN holders to claim. This amount of BNB called the BNB pool.

What if I don’t claim BNB reward in my cycle?

If you don’t claim at your cycle and other holders claim, the BNB pool will reduce. So then the ratio of your $LEOTOKEN/BNB pool reduces as well. That’s why you should claim as soon as your cycle is ready

What do I need to do to passively earn BNB?

Simply holding $LEOTOKEN will earn you a share of the BNB rewards pool, proportional to the amount of $LEOTOKEN you hold. You will also earn $LEOTOKEN passively too, which gets put straight in your wallet

What time zone is the $LEOTOKEN app on?

It syncs to your device time so the answer is whatever time zone you are in.

Does my BNB stack if I don't claim it?

No. This is because it’s not “your” BNB, meaning it is not an amount of BNB that is set aside for you, but rather a set share of the pool of BNB. As people claim their BNB, the total pool will decrease, which in turn means the BNB value of your set share will decrease. In short, it is best to claim your BNB as soon as possible.

Why is my collectible BNB less than yesterday?

Several factors impact BNB claim amount.
1. The amount of BNB in the pool is distributed based on percentage. The more BNB there, the more you get, however, it is ALWAYS based on percentage. The less there, the less you get. IT IS NOT CUMULATIVE
2. The more people claim, the less BNB will be available for everyone else
3. There is a cycle before you can collect BNB and the more transactions you make with this coin, the more the cycle changes. Be aware of that when you are thinking of selling high to buy low.
Token Sale


Initial Distribution





Presale & Launch:




*Development and marketing allocations are vested over next four months during the development of NFT marketplace , launchpad and mass marketing activities.

Sales Proceeds

Token Sale

High Level Roadmap

--- June 21


✓ Research and conceptualize
✓ Create and test the smart contract
✓ Explore NFT MP concepts

Jun’ 21 – Jul’ 21


⎯ Submit for Audit: Solidity
- KYC contract and owners
⎯ Launch on PancakeSwap
- Launch BNB collection dashboard
⎯ Submit partnerships: Coingecko, Coinmarketcap
⎯ Launch mass campaigns
⎯ Launch LEO swap
⎯ Initiate Design for Variousartists NFT MP

Aug’ 21 – Oct’ 21


✕ Complete dev of Variousartists NFT MP
✕ Develop B2B & B2C NFT marketplace
✕ Second round of mass marketing
✕ Soft launch of NFT marketplace
✕ Submit for second audit
✕ Exchange listings
✕ Design and develop Launchpad
✕ Launch NFT marketplace
✕ Release launchpad

Oct’ 21 – Dec’ 21


✕ Additional exchange listings
✕ Mass marketing campaigns
✕ Corporate retail marketing campaigns
✕ Celebrity/ Influencer endorsements
✕ Launch DAO
✕ Establish a support system

Dec’ 21 ----


✕ Explore other source of revenue opportunities
✕ Other Leo Ventures


Value Partners